Tesla will double it’s supercharging network in 2017


Tesla, an American electric car developer, prepares for a premiere of its newest car – the Model 3. Thanks to its price, it is supposed to be the first electric car available for the mass market. Due to that, the company plans an intensive development of its Supercharger charging station network.

Right now Tesla owns over 5400 superfast charging stations all over the world. They allow to extend the car’s reach for over 270 kilometers after just 30 minutes of charging. Additionally, in over 9000 locations there are “Destination Chargers” available. They are near popular destinations, hotels or restaurants and let you charge the car without the need to visit a separate supercharger station.

The company is planning to extend its network of Superchargers to 10 000 units and Destination Chargers to 15 000. Thanks to that, drivers will not have to wait for a charger to be freed.

What is more, the company plans to develop the most popular and most often used stations so they can service more cars charged at the same time. Particularly on popular highways and fast lanes, where local electric car owners were often using up space for charging their cars, meaning non-locals had to wait for them to finish.

This year in Poland there are supposed to be finished four new stations: in Stryków, Ostrów Mazowiecka, Ciechocinek and Rzeszów. Thanks to them, Tesla electric car drivers should be able to drive through Poland with no problems, with no neet to stop for a longer charging with an ordinary charger. This will also allow for an entry into Poland from Russia further west and vice-versa.

Supercharger station in Wrocław

An interactive map of superfast chargers can be found here: Tesla Superchargers.

Intense work on Tesla chargers are due to the incoming premiere of their newest car – the Model 3. It is supposed to be the first electric car available for a mass consumer. It is supposed to cost 35k dollars (to compare, the cheapest version of the Model S costs around 70k dollars) and is supposed to have a reach of around 350 kilometers/217 miles.

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